14 October 2022

Bone health card and FLS letters

Strengthening Youor Bones Cover

The findings of the Fracture Liaison Service Database (FLS-DB) show that less than 25% of people who are prescribed bone treatment are still on the treatment a year after a fragility fracture. Bone treatment needs to be taken continuously for a number of years to be effective, thus the idea to produce a resource to aid the transition from secondary to primary care for people who have sustained a fragility fracture.

For patients, carers and family members

The bone health card was developed to help with medication queries and staying on treatment. It provides information on treatment, a few key conditions primary care professionals may need to know about the patient before looking at treatment options and where the patient can find further information – through the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) helpline and our resources.

We have also produced a one sided information sheet for staying on treatment.

If you want to know further information about FLSs and the standards of care you should expect, please view our strong bones after 50 video and guide.

For Fracture Liaison Services

To support FLSs, we have produced best practice examples of GP and patient letters. These documents have been designed to be adapted locally per patient, the phrases within chevrons (<<>>) to be changed to the appropriate option. The letters can be amended for patients who decide that they do not want to start treatment – it is equally important to inform the GP that the patient has been assessed and has made the decision not to start treatment. The letters have been created in line with the ROS clinical standards for FLS.

FLS are welcome to use the GP letter for both GP and patients, if preferred.

We are aware from the FLS-DB that nearly 100% of alendronate is prescribed in primary care. If your FLS do not have a prescriber, please amend the letters accordingly with regards to prescription of bone treatment. We have provided further information with regards to ‘responsibility for prescribing across primary and secondary/tertiary care’, for information and when discussing commissioning of services. We have linked ‘primary and secondary care interface’ which includes all relevant contract changes to hospital contracts to support working across the interface, together with some helpful links and guidance which can be referred to.

FLS GP letter 33.87 KB