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Fidan Yousuf

Delivering hepatology care in a modern NHS

In this month’s guest blog, Dr Fidan Yousuf, consultant hepatologist at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board highlights how the Gwent Liver Unit delivers modern hepatology care across four hospital sites and within the community.

Dr Hilary Williams NEW

Dull cymunedol cost isel o atal afiechyd

Ym mlog y mis hwn, mae Dr Hilary Williams yn tynnu sylw at dri chynllun cost isel lleol lle mae staff a chleifion y GIG wedi cefnu ar strwythurau beichus o’r brig i lawr y GIG a chanolbwyntio ar atal.

Dr Hilary Williams NEW

A low-cost community approach to preventing ill-health

In this month’s blog, Dr Hilary Williams highlights three local low-cost initiatives where NHS staff and patients have relinquished the burden of top-down NHS structures and delivered on prevention.

Carol Brayne

How the built environment can impact our health: contributing to the TCPA’s healthy homes campaign

In this blog, Professor Carol Brayne, RCP special adviser for population health, talks about our contribution to the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) guidance.

Melanie Nana

Has women’s health been overlooked again?

Dr Melanie Nana, outgoing co-chair of the RCP Trainees Committee, National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) clinical research fellow at King’s College London and obstetric medicine registrar at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, blogs about the lack of priority given to women’s health during the 2024 UK general election campaign.

Dr Aziz (1)

Let’s change the narrative on SAS doctors

Specialist, associate specialist and specialty (SAS) doctors are (along with locally employed doctors) the fastest-growing group in the medical workforce. As the RCP launches new educational and career support guidance for SAS doctors and employers, Dr Naeem Aziz, recently appointed RCP SAS lead, reflects on life in the NHS as an SAS doctor.

Aman Doll (002)

How unconscious bias affects health inequalities: guest blog post from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The Inequalities in Health Alliance is a coalition of more than 250 organisations, convened by the RCP, which campaigns for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities. This blog post from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is part of a series by member organisations.

Dr Hilary Williams NEW

Learning together | tackling bad behaviour | my promise to you

This month Dr Hilary Williams reflects on the need to modernise our organisations.

Dr Hilary Williams NEW

Dysgu gyda'n gilydd | mynd i'r afael ag ymddygiad gwael | fy addewid i chi

Y mis hwn mae Hilary Williams yn myfyrio ar yr angen i foderneiddio ein sefydliadau.