04 January 2024

FLS-DB resource repository

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Patient and carer resources

What should happen if you or someone you know experiences a fragility fracture?

Did you know that at least 90,000 patients in England and Wales who should have anti-osteoporosis therapy are not receiving it?

Six golden rules video resource

The six golden rules resource is a short video intended to encourage patients to have follow up conversations with their GP after being recommended to take medication by mouth for osteoporosis.

Bone health card

These resources aim to improve the patient experience when returning home following a fragility fracture and discussing with primary care.

Strong bones after 50 - staying on treatment

If you are over 50 and have broken a bone after falling from standing height or less (known as a fragility fracture), this document is for you, your family and carers. It explains why people with fragility fractures are recommended treatment, why it is important to stay on treatment and where you can find further information.

Strong bones after 50: Fracture liaison services explained

A video resource that explains what you should expect from your fracture liaison service after you have fallen and broken a bone.

Clinical resources

National Data Opt-out (NDOO)

From 31 July 2022, you must check your patient’s national data opt-out status before uploading them to the FLS-DB. We have created extensive resoruces to support you in how to do this. 

FLS letters 

To support FLSs to improve the patient experience when returning home following a fragility fracture and discussing with primary care, we have produced best practice examples of GP and patient letters.

FLS implementation toolkit 

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) has developed a toolkit that is open to all healthcare professionals and commissioners with an interest in setting up a FLS in any healthcare setting.

Video resources

FLS exchange: service improvements

How to use live data in the form of run charts and benchmark tables to identify areas for service improvement.

Top tips for an improvement project

How to use the FLS-DB data to make service improvements in seven steps.

How to check for national data opt-out patient records

How to use the VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel to check for patients who have opted-out in the National data Opt-out (NDOO) before importing them to the FLS-DB.

National data opt-out support session

Live support session for ‘understanding the national data opt-out’ where they addressed queries from healthcare professionals about entering patient records into the FLS-DB that had been checked for their national data opt-out status.

Data entry support session

Data entry queries with the FLS-DB clinical lead as well as colleagues from other sites.

The FLS-DB is going Lite

How the new ‘Lite’ dataset being introduced in January 2024 will support data entry and completeness.